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Spanish Finds

Welcome to Jans Detectingpages.
These are the pages, where You can see some of the things, I have found using my metaldetector.

The reason that there also are nice finds from the spanish soil is, that I for a couple years have been living and working in Spain, in the southwestern part of Andalusia - about 150 km south of
Sevilla.  Now Im back in Denmark and occasionally do a little search here.

The pages, are not an encyclopaedia on history, and dont expect to find neither The Fishpool
treasure or other great sensations..
On the other hand, You will be able to see; different things for use, coins, jewellery and a lot of other stuff. And Yes, there are surtently good things in between, but also everything else that I
find Interessting.
Personally, I always find it interessting to see what others have found, and regarding My finds,
You are always wellcome to give a bid on what they have been used for, age and so on.

I will just mention that, several of the finds displaid on these pages, has been turned in, and are now situated at The Nationalmuseeum in Copenhagen.

These pages have a simple construction and by clicking on the shields on the left, You can choose where to go. All pictures of finds can be enlarged by cliking on them.
Also click on the shields below this text, and You can wiev my finds from 2009, 2010 and 2011.

There are also a linkpage, with links to some very good and interessting sites.
Its just so exciting to see some of the things, that have been dug up of the soil.

Also there are a guestbook and You are very welcome to write me a small greeting.

The last page, I have given to my father Mogens. We have through the last twenty years - on and off - been searching together for several 100 or 1000 hours. We have been searching in most of the danish Kingdom. At the same time We have seen and experienced so much. And when You at the same time, are so lucky to be digging great finds up, then You understand, what a great hobby it is, to be "Sting by a Mad Metaldetector".

Danish Finds



Detecting Pics

To whom it might interessest; Im using a C-Scope Metadec II, this detector have
accompanied me over all the years and have been my faithfull esquire.


Mogens Page