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This where dug up on may 12. The searchingarea was fortifyed by a small numbers of soldiers during the war against England in the period 1801-1814. The finds clearly confirms this. 5 leadbullets from muskets, varios callibers, 2 buttons, a couple of cobberobjects, a round plate of lead and a very well presereved 1 skilling cobber coin 1812. Also a piece of flint with a leadcape. This is from the mekanism that ignited the gunpowder on a old musket.
This day also brought; A Danish 2 skilling silvercoin datet 1662.. Very nice..


Frederik III. 1648-1670. 2 skilling 1662.

2 skilling after cleaning.

Frederik VI. 1808-1839. 1 skilling 1812.

10 Ýre 1903 in cleand condition.

Some finds from a trip to the woods May 2010. Beeropener, padlock, "object" in lead. Also 4 coins: Silver 10 Ýre 1903, 2 kroner 1939, 2 Ýre 1929 & 25 Ýre 1950.

Left showing some finds from 17/6.

12 danish coins 1948-1968.
Swedish silver 10 Ýre 1949.
2 teespoons, around 1930 - 50.
1 Ruko key.
Jewellry with "Diamonds"
Also old scoutpurse.
This scout was not the most wealthy, unfortunally the purse was empty..