I have spent some time clearing up some boxes from my basement.
One of the boxes contained a great number of detectorfinds detected some
years ago. These finds was made before 2005.

At this moment, its quite limited how much i have been out detecting,
therefore i have chosen to make this extra page displaying some of my older finds.

Click on images to enlarge.


Fragmentet Silverspoon. Unfortunally the middel part with the silverstamps are missing! Only an A is visible. About 1820 - 50s.

What is this? Its made of iron.
6,5 x 5,5 cm. Ideas anyone??

One of my first finds. Its made of bronze.
With a wodden stick inside. What is it???

This is a head of  a young female, made of lead or zink or some alloy..
Very fine details - Age ?, maby the 18 hundreds or older ???

Bicycle belllids. Kind of special finds..
These are old, maby 1920-50s...

17 - 18 cent.

Different types of rings.
Old & new..

Sodawater 1920 - 50.

Maby 1930 - 40s.



Bullits. Different calibers
- And ages..!.

Danish coins from the
period 1924 - 1947.


Dogcollar signs.
Lost dogs. Or signs..


Mixed finds.

And even more..

Old Toy guns..

Danish military buttons
Army & navy 1900 - ..

Different buttons.
Postal, Police etc..

WW2 German military buttons and coins. 1940 - 45.

Bottom of a British handgrenade WW2.
And maby part of a pistol - Also WW2.