Below showing some of My best finds from the Spansh soil.

I would say, that My metaldetecting has been much limeted downhere.
It has been hard getting started. Before We lived in the City and the spanish langue was difficuelt to learn. I had no places where I could use my Detector. But then We moved to the Campo (Countryside). I started out in Our garden - and later on - found the field, lying next to us..
Here I startet finding things.. I have tryed searching on other fields closeby, but without luck..
Soo almost all of the finds You see below, I have found on the field next to us...

I also have s small box with buttons, horeseshues, copper & bronceitems and other (un)commen or unidentified stuff etc.. Also found at this field. This I will not show - Likewise, I wont show
pesetas from the resent and Eurocoins.

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Spanish Finds


8 Maravedis R. 1651-52.

1 Cuarto 1749-58.
Mintet in Pamplona.

1 Centisimo 1822.

8 Maravedis 1625-26.

12 Maravedis R. 1636-41.

8 Maravedis Resellado

8 Maravedis 1811-33.

8 Maravedis 1811-33.

10 Centimos 1870.

5 Centimos 1870.

Centavo 18xx.

2 Centimos 1905.


A couple of buttons: CARABINEROS
I would say about 1900.
The picture on the right shows excatly these Carabineros standing beside a  Guardia Civil Officer.

Look at this!  A Fracmentatet Silvercross.
Dare I say The Middle Ages, or??
The form, with the 4 spikes, I havent been able to find anywhere. I would be very interessed if You have a bid on age or anything else. ;-)

Little bell or ?
Bronze. Age?

A couple of  religios medalliones.

Piece of a spoon or fork.
Pewter. With makermarks.

What is this? I think its made of silver.. Diameter aprx. 3 mm.
Has anybody seen anything like this??.

And how about this very beautiful thing.
Bronze, has posible been silverplatet.
I would say about 1850, but what has it been used for???

17-1800 cent.

Cobber or Bronze.
Notice the pattern and the traces of gilding.