Hobby ? Detector ? Or what ?
The word  hobby ? What kind of word is that and what does it mean ?
If You look it up in a old dictionary, it says : favorite-speartime interest, mening something, that You can do in Your speartime, depending on Your interest. Here I will write about an interest, that have brought exicthment and teaching at the same time; Metaldetecting.

Its a fact, that the detectorists are here with their sesitive equipment and have brought many, many finds into our museums. Its not possible to mention all My finds through the years, but some deservs a short mentioning. For example a bronzedagger. When I found it I thought: "This is the find of my life." The Nationalmuseum had the dagger for a while, and there where some doubt about the dagger. At the same time there where visitors from the Britisk Museum and the find was beeing discused.  Finally the broncedagger got defined as a very god copy, and about 200 years old.

Mogens Page

On an old markedsplace, I found 7 old silvercoins, and on a desert place I found several old coins, fingerrings and a goldbracelet. Talking about fingerrings, I have several times been out detecting lost weddingrings and other lost things and people always get so happy when the lost turns upp. A piece of land besides a lake and with some trees or a forrest, is a very good spot for using Your detector. Its in places like this, that people have had a picknic, maby 100 years ago, and here are good chances of finding lost things.
Its here not uncommon to find for example bottleopeners etc. Witch can tell You about that periode that they where lost.

Click on images to enlarge Mogens finds.

24 skilling 1757, Norway.
Topquality, as struck

Danish & Norwegian Silvercoins.
16-1700 cent.


Norway. 50 Ýre 1901. Silver.
A very nice coin to find..

Swedish 25 Ýre 1874.
Found together with a 
small piece of newspaper.

Stamped 585.
Mening 14 carats.
With makersmark: J.A

(J.T.P Allan, goldsmith  in Copenhagen  in the periode 1903-1937).

Pocketwatches + chain.
About 1900.

LOOK! Very large danish Silvercoins.
2 and 1 Kroner both dated 1875. Found May 2010.

Please see the text above.

Nice collection of bottleopeners.
About 1920-40.